Thanks for the funds!

February 13, 2017

The kind SIDN fonds just donated €8k for the initial development of the WebMemex browser extension, to pursue the roadmap until May. A big thanks for believing in the mission!

Over the last few weeks, this development has been progressing quietly but steadily. Much of it has been technical structuring, such as creating a simple data model that represents pages separately from visits to those pages, as a groundwork for the cool features to build next.

On the project roadmap, we are slowly moving into phase two now. There are still many browsing overview improvements waiting, but it works just well enough to start thinking about the next stage: features that allow users to create notes, take quotes and snapshots from pages, and link things together to actively organise their knowledge.

Many forthcoming features have now been described in GitHub issues and project boards, to open up the design & development process and ease participation. Be welcome over there to follow the progress or contribute to it; there is plenty to do.

Some liveliness is already emanating from the deliberated collaboration with the people of the WorldBrain project. Their direction has so much overlap, that we decided to try avoid inventing the wheel twice and build on the same code base instead. The plan starts with porting features from their existing extension, such as the ability to import browser bookmarks and history, so we will get the best of both projects combined.

As said, there is still a lot to do. At least, a bit of funding helps doing it.