Try our alpha-prerelease-0.0.1

February 21, 2017

Release early and often, right? It is half-baked, undercooked, and somewhat sluggish, but here is the first (pre)release of the WebMemex browser extension. Consider it a teaser for what is to come.

What does it do?

It currently captures (the text of) web pages you visit, lets you search through them and reread them; all on your computer, even when offline. For example, to find back where the heck it was that you read about that topic before:

It also provides a first glimpse of the possibility to create links: you can select quotes in web pages and remember them:

Try it out

You are welcome to give it a spin already in Chromium or Chrome:

I want it.

Download the extension via the button above (ignore the security warning) and then drag the file onto your list of extensions (in the menu Tools → Extensions), as shown below. Then just open a new tab!

For convenience it may be made available in Google's WebStore too at some moment, but it seems healthy to not completely depend on a single central authority.

Be warned that your knowledge stored using this prerelease may become unusable in a future release, as the data model is still changing.

What about Firefox?

Unfortunately and surprisingly, Firefox nowadays gives users even less freedom than Chromium/Chrome regarding extensions, as it requires every extension to be signed by Mozilla. Our extension is still awaiting their manual review.

Update: it got through review, find it here.

For jailbroken Firefox users, the unsigned add-on can be found here. Be warned that it is (even) less tested. Also highlighting a quote in its context does not yet work, and due to browser differences the memory overview cannot show up in every new tab, so click the add-on's button (the green puzzle icon) or try press Ctrl+Y to open it.